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DyeMaster-R is the most advanced dye sublimation transfer paper on the market today. DyeMaster-R has been designed from ground up as a premium dye sublimation paper unlike many other sublimation papers that are basically overpriced inkjet printing papers. With ultra fast drying time even under heaviest ink load, DyeMaster-R is equally effective for both Ricoh series sublimation printers and Epson series sublimation printers. Please see for yourself why so many sublimation shops are switching to DyeMaster-R. Please print on the brighter (white) side.

Caution - This is NOT cotton t-shirt transfer paper. This paper works on polyester fabrics and polymer-coated hard substrates only! 

By definition, dye sublimation does not work on dark fabrics.  Please use white or light-colored fabrics for best result.